Going for the Gold

James Falls is a 22-year-old boxer from Saginaw, Michigan. He boxes for Shiloh Boxing in Saginaw. Currently he attends Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan graduating in May 2012. He works about 20 hours a week Monday though Friday at Building Maintenance Worker in the Towers Residence Halls at CMU. He works in between classes. In his minimal free time, Falls studies, does homework, works out daily, reads, meditates, and boxes.
Falls works out everyday but Sunday, giving his body a resting day. He does several hundred sit-ups and push-ups everyday, not to mention his bag work and running. He starts most of his days waking up at 4 a.m. running five miles. He spars with other boxers at Shiloh boxing on a regular basis and constantly practices his movements during his daily workouts. With all of that working out he has to be on top of his water intake and his weight. He drinks at least a gallon of water a day and always weighs himself before and after a work out.
Because he is a boxer, he eats a strict diet containing no red meat, vegetables, fruits, a lot of beans to build up his protein for his lack of meat, and absolutely no carbohydrates or sweets. He keeps his body in tiptop shape to prepare for his boxing matches. The closer it comes to a boxing match, the stricter he is about his diet and exercise.
Falls entered the Golden Gloves Tournament in February 2012. He didn’t make past the first round being beaten by Quentin Jones who boxes out of Bay City Michigan. Jones ended up winning the tournament for the 210-weight division in the state of Michigan. Falls was the closest contender to beating Jones. They were scheduled for a rematch in late March 2012, but it got cancelled.

Falls is a hard working student and athlete. He pushes himself constantly to do better not only in his boxing, but in his everyday life as well. He is a unique individual and has his mind in the right place. He plans to continue boxing and to keep improving himself.

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