For the Love of Horses

Larry, Eileen and their 22-year-old daughter Emma Haddon all of Clare own a small farm on North Summerton road. Larry and Emma Haddon work during the day, and when they get home they tend to the farm. Eileen works two day-jobs, gets home late at night, and only tends to the farm when she can.

Larry and his daughter Emma take care of their horse, eight miniature horses, their pony, turkeys, chickens, roosters, steer, cats and dogs. Larry bails his own hay and grows his own corn, all to feed his animals.

Larry starts his day by feeding his animals before he leaves at seven in the morning, and ends his day by maintaining the farm and feeding all of the animals again until he goes to bed at ten at night. “I feed the animals at quarter to six every morning, and when I get home at four I feed them again until they stop yelling at me for more food.” Larry said.

His favorite animals by far are his horses. “I can’t get rid of them. I’m so attached to each and every one of them. I just love these little guys.” Larry said.

Larry works hard from the time he gets up, to the time he gets home and eventually goes bed. “Thirteen years ago I would have never guessed I would be doing this, but I’ve learned a lot over those thirteen years.” Larry said.

Larry Haddon of Clare takes his miniature horse Rosie for a joy ride on Sept. 12. "I like to take the horses out and get them exercise sometimes. I feel bad when they are locked up in their pen all day." Haddon said.

Larry Haddon of Clare goes to grab his hat as his horse Teaspoon knocks it off of his head on Sept 19. "Teaspoon loves attention. If you are petting one horse, she will walk right in front of you so she can be petted instead." Haddon said.

Teaspoon, Larry Haddon's horse, stands in her stall on Sept. 9. "I don't like the flies in their eyes. I always try and brush them off the best I can." Haddon said.

Larry Haddon of Clare feeds his miniature horses on Sept. 19. "I just love these little guys. They are the easiest of all of the animals to take care of, because I bale my own hay and I grow my own corn." Haddon said.

Emma Haddon, 22, and Larry Haddon both of Clare make sure all of their chickens are in the coop for the night on Sept. 19. Emma and Larry work around the farm after they get home from their day jobs.

Larry Haddon of Clare drives his tractor back toward the barn on Sept. 12. Haddon bailed all of the hay by himself the day before and was relocating his tractor."Thirteen years ago I would have never guessed I would be doing this, but I've learned a lot over those thirteen years." Haddon said.

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